Descriptions of IN-NELL

Awards and Recognitions


Teacher of the Year:  An outstanding world language teacher who teaches grades Pre-K-8 and is deserving of organizational and peer recognition based on classroom achievement and student enthusiasm and success in the acquisition of a world language.


Rising Star:  An individual who is within the first five years of his/her career, and who displays outstading commitement to the profession and elicits student enthusiasm and success. 

Distinguished Service:  An individual who has made significant contributions to the world language community supporting Pre-K-8 programs or an individual who has had a profound effect on the professional preparation of world language teachers.


Spirit of IN-NELL:  An individual who does NOT teach a world language Pre-K-8, but supports, participates and lets others know of the value that IN-NELL activities, workshops and conferences provide for the world language community and beyond.


Ambassador:  An individual who has supported IN-NELL and/or NNELL beyond state borders.  The individual may have come from abroad and made significant contributions, or come from within IN-NELL and carried the organization's mission beyond state boundaries.


Master Teacher:  An individual whose professional contributions to Pre-K-8 world language teachers and to the world language community at large have been significant and consistent throughout his/her professional career.


Friend of IN-NELL:  An individual or an organization that has consistently supported IN-NELL activities, workshops and conferences, usually, but not exclusively, an exhibitor.

Leader of Leaders Award: An individual who is appreciated for significant and broad-ranging contributions to IN-NELL and all other World Language and Global Learning Communities.


IN-NELL ToY Nomination Guidelines
IN-NELL TOY Guidelines revised 2018.docx
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JJ Eperson

Spanish teacher at South Gibson School Corporation

Passionate about teaching Spanish for the purposes of communication using CI/TPRS methods. Very enthusiastic and persistent. Completed two successful study abroad Spanish immersion programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Nicely varied background in sales and marketing enhances both classroom management style and methodology